Frequently Asked Questions

WARNING: Federal Law prohibits carrying any kind of fireworks on passenger aircraft.



QUESTION: Cases - what do the numbers mean in the "Case" column on the price list? For example: 12/80/16, 6/50/50,48/6, 12/1.

ANSWER: All prices given are for full cases. They explain how the individual items are packed in the case. The 12/80/16 means there are 12 "bundles" of firecrackers in a case and that each "bundle", (large package), contains 80 packets of 16 firecrackers each, hence the 12/80/16. 6/50/50 means each case contains 6 large counter display boxes, each display box contains 50 small individual boxes of 50 pop snaps each. 48/6 means there are 48 boxes, or packs, of 6 individual firework pieces of the described item in the case. 12/1 means there are 12 pieces of the described fireworks item in each case. Generally, the first number is the usual packaging (within the case) that is used for retail sales of the item and applies to approximately 95% of all cases of fireworks. The last number in the "packaging" column (48/6) is generally the "each" for the product, except for firecrackers. All firecrackers on our price list are packed in individual "strings", or "strips" within larger "bundles" within the case and the last number (12/80/16) indicates the number of firecrackers in each individual strip, which has one lighting fuse. One exception is the strips of 16,000, which are packed 1/16,000. Obviously, there are no other "Bundles" within the case, it is only one strip of 16,000 firecrackers per case - a very big "strip"! If you have a question on an item that is not readily clear to you, please e-mail us and we will assist you.

QUESTION: Can I buy individual pieces or only full cases?

ANSWER: For our shipping customers, we can only ship full cases, but look in our warehouse under "Assortments" and "Assorted Cases" for case that have a variety of products within the case. For our customers picking up at our plant, we sell wholesale full cases and we also have a wholesale outlet where we do sell individual pieces. Please click on the "Wholesale Pieces" button on our home page for a list of pieces that are normally for sale.

QUESTION: Can I have an order shipped to me? What is the minimum order for shipping?

ANSWER: Depends! In accordance with Maryland Laws, Maryland fireworks manufacturing companies licensed by the Maryland State Fire Marshal may sell, or deliver, fireworks to bona fide distributors, jobbers, or wholesalers whose principal places of business are situated in states where the sale or possession of fireworks is permitted. It is the responsibility of our customers to ensure they meet these requirements. Under no circumstances will we sell fireworks to residents of the state of Maryland unless they possess a current permit signed by the Maryland State Fire Marshal.

Due to various State laws, we are prohibited from shipping fireworks to the following States: California, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon and Washington. This means we can ship to 42 of the 50 United States. Some states only allow shipping of fireworks that are legal in that state - please check with your local authorities to see what is allowed in your state. We can ship to Hawaii, but the freight is extremely expensive. Also, please keep in mind that all fireworks shipments are by "Common Carrier" (truck freight) because UPS, FedEx, or the US Postal Service will not transport fireworks. Some trucking companies will not deliver to residential addresses, so you may have to go to their nearest freight terminal to pick up your fireworks, or use a business address, if one is available to you.

The minimum purchase to have an order delivered is $200.00, plus the freight collect, and a packing and handling charge of $15.00 on orders that are under $1,000.00 We waive the packing and handling fee for orders over $1,000.00. Please call for a shipping estimate on your order.

QUESTION: Can anyone come to the warehouse to buy fireworks at wholesale? What is the minimum purchase?

ANSWER: Almost everyone! Due to our state laws, we are prohibited from selling fireworks to individual residents of the State of Maryland, but Maryland fireworks retailers may buy cases of Maryland approved items. You must have a retail tax account. Anyone else is welcome to visit our warehouse, but we prefer you place your order in advance, so we can have it pulled and ready for you. You will be asked for proof of residence and that you are over 18 years old (driver's license). All sales are at wholesale and must be immediately removed from the State of Maryland. The minimum order for pick up at our factory is $200.00.

QUESTION: Can I legally transport 1.4G, 0336, Consumer Fireworks in my privately owned vehicle?

ANSWER: Yes, providing it does not contradict any local law in your area. The Federal DOT regulations are very specific; Consumer Fireworks (UN0336, 1.4G) may be transported, or stored, without restriction, special permits, or licenses, as long as the total weight of the fireworks does not exceed 1,000 pounds.

QUESTION: Do consumer Fireworks (UN 0336, 1.4G) explode? Are they safe to store? How long will they keep?

ANSWER: No, they do not "explode", but they do burn very rapidly but can be extinguished by pouring water on them (lots of water)! Yes, they are safe to store but should be stored in a dry location. Fireworks will keep for years as long as they are kept dry.

QUESTION: Are Fireworks "Assortments" a good buy?

ANSWER: Generally speaking they are an exceptionally good buy if they contain all quality fireworks, which ours do. They allow you a wide variety of items at very reasonable prices. All of our assortments contain top quality fireworks and are not loaded up with cheap "filler" items that you may sometimes encounter with assortments.

For information regarding any specific fireworks questions, please call us at 410-287-2365, or fax us at 410-287-9588.

We require a $200.00 minimum purchase.

All prices are for full cases, unless specified otherwise.

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